What to wear for birth photos, tips from your photographer

You’ve entered the third trimester, the baby-do list is dwindling, bags are being packed or you are at least writing the birth bag list, and your mind goes blank when you get to clothing. Not for the baby, for YOU. So you text me, “What should I wear for birth photos?”

Throw out a few ideas and I’ll answer the same way, “Will you be comfortable?”
Repeat after me…

And it doesn’t hurt to feel a little cute at the same time 😉

Tips - what to wear for birth photos including where to shop, from Meg Ross Photography

Wear what makes you comfortable, you do you!

Let’s be really super honest…what you wear is hella temporary, because at some point it’s all flying off like a cartoon, and you’ll probably end up in your birthday suit, for your baby’s birth day, just as you meet them in their birthday suit too. And then of course…skin to skin.

But it’s fun to go shopping, especially when you’ve spoiled this baby to the high heavens, you deserve to have something fresh for the birth too. So let’s go! Here are a few ideas and links where to find them. There’s even a few small businesses to try!

ONE: A sports bra, bralette, or tank top

Let me say it again, comfy. I’m not talking about a clothing that’s meant to “strap you in and hold you down”, but something flexible and soft, that will move and transition with you as you well…transition. And that will be easy to take off in the moment.

Some pregnant people want nothing covering them, and others would prefer to feel a little bit more modest during labor and cover their chest. Sports bras, bralettes, and tanks give you that little bit of coverage.

For colors stick with neutrals that won’t distract from the moment, like a black and gray palette.

option one for what to wear for birth photos is a sport bra, bralette, or tank top

Bonus: Finding a comfortable nursing bralette will give you dual purpose in postpartum!

Great places to look:
Morrow and Mint (these are definitely not boring g’ma bras!)
Kindred Bravely
Lively (ok, the plum is pretty gorgeous!)

TWO: Depends Silouettes

And yes, I am talking about adult diapers. They are one of life’s biggest blessings, please come hop on the train! During labor and in postpartum, stuff will be coming out of all sorts of places and Depends hold. it. all. in.

Option two for what to wear in postpartum is depends silouttes adult diapers

Why Depends Silouettes?
1. the mesh panties the hospital or birth center give you are great in theory, but I can guarantee they are child’s play compared to the coverage these bad boys give you.
2. So comfortable. Like so comfortable you might try to find an excuse to still wear them when stuff is done leaking.
3. They look like underwear.
4. You can get a large pack at Target for pickup, so your partner or postpartum support person won’t even have to get out of their vehicle to go get them for you.

But honestly, just order a few boxes and have them ready. Trust me.

THREE: Comfy Robe

Because you can wear them prenatally, in labor, and in postpartum. They are purposeful for all the things. Like covering it up when that well meaning family member comes to drop off a meal when you know they just want to see the baby. Or for walking around during labor and you don’t want to put all the clothes back on. Psshhh, no one wants to do that!

option three for what to wear for birth photos is a comfy robe

Bonus: super easy access for when your miwife or nurse needs to get some baby vitals

Find some here:
Kindred Bravely
Milk Maid Goods

FOUR: What should my partner wear?

This might be one of the last things on your mind when you think of what to wear for birth photos, but your partner’s deserves comfort too. After all, they’ll be right there supporting you during this marathon.

option four for what to wear for birth photos is to help your partner

help choose something muted with no bright or distracting patterns or logos. You will be looking at these photos for years and years to come, and you don’t want to to grit your teeth wondering why on earth they chose THAT shirt

You can even be super sly and choose the outfit yourself and pass it off as super helpful like, “Hey, I’ve already got a birth outfit packed for you so you don’t have to run around like a crazy person when it’s go time. You’re welcome!

I like staples from:
Target (simple v neck tee)
Amazon (quick dry swim trunks, perfect for getting in and out of a birth pool or shower)
Target (simple tank tops) + leggings


FIVE: Nails and Manicures

Because 1) it’s super relaxing and gives you a helpful oxytocin boost to get pampered. (You know what those oxytocin boosts do? Help your body get ready for labor!) and 2) your hands will be everywhere in birth photos, especially holding your baby.

tip for before your birth, get your nails done

Looking for for a photographer who knows what to wear for birth photos? Meg is an award winning, published birth photographer and doula (in training) supporting families and birthing persons in the Portland metro area including Beaverton, Hillsboro, Salem, and Vancouver.

2022 has just a few more openings.
Check to see if your due date is still available.


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