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Pregnant Nicole is sitting down on a blanket, looking down, and holding her bump in a white dress during her maternity session in Yamhill, Oregon

Summertime Maternity Session

In Oregon, there is nothing quite like the sun-soaked filled evenings spent with expectant families.
There’s a sort of carefree attitude around, with littles running in circles,
mom has a lazy smile on her face as she holds onto her belly.
The sunlight is streaming through various branches and everyone has this golden glow
during their summertime maternity session.

I definitely definitely miss this time during the cold, gray winter.
(I’m a sun lover, that’s why I lived in Phoenix for so long before moving here!)

This stunning woman invited me to explore part of her husband’s family farm property in Yamhill, Oregon, on a July evening.
A place where he grew up running around and now they get to watch their littles on their own adventures.

Nicole is in a floral blue dress against a tree backdrop and looks down at her bump during her Summer Maternity Session by the River in Yamhill Oregon (1)

Funny story, I was actually pregnant at the time I took these photos. This mama was about 1 month ahead of me!

Zoom on a floral dress covered bump, 1 being hug by a little boy, 2 being touched by her partner during a maternity session in Yamhill Oregon

This mama is SO LOVED by all of her guys.

A series of 3 photos in which a pregnant mom and her male partner are facing each other and snuggling during her summer maternity session in Yamhill, Oregon

While mom and dad were snuggling her the boys were running back and forth across the property like banshees. Can you tell? Nope!

Dad crouches down in a nature setting and has 2 boys sitting on his lap during a maternity session in Yamhill, Oregon

Two photos: 1 with dad crouched down and a kid trying to climb his back, 2 with dad holding the kid upside down by 1 of his feet

If you aren’t getting summer vibes from this…

Series of 3 photos with a pregnant mom being snuggled from behind by her male husband during her maternity session in Yamhill, Oregon

These blues compliment each other so well!

Two photos, on the left a pregnant mom holds her bump and leans against a tree, on the right she holds hands with her husband and looks towards him during her maternity session in Yamhill, Oregon

Nicole went to go change into her next outfit and her boys picked her flowers while she was gone.

Series of 3 photos with 2 boys picking some small daisy like flowers and showing them off

The sweetest damn thing, right?

2 photos of a pregnant mom holding a few white flowers, on the left is a zoomed copy

A family with pregnant mom, dad, and 2 little boys snuggle on a blanket in Yamhill, Oregon

Two photos with a pregnant mom and her husband snuggling on a blanket, on the left he kisses her on the forehead during her maternity session in Yamhill, Oregon

You can’t break the bond between mom and son, or so everyone tells me.

Pregnant mom in a white dress snuggles with her son laying his head down in her lap in Yamhill, Oregon

B O Y S can be…
…and so much more.

Pregnant mom holds her youngest son on top of her bump while her oldest son tickles his feet during her maternity session in Yamhill, OregonTwo brothers hug each other looking towards the camera while sitting on a blanket

I am still cracking up over the fact that these two rascals tried to “hide” underneath her dress, ha ha!

Series of 5 photos with 2 little boys trying to hide underneath their mom's white dress during her maternity session in Yamhill, Oregon

The boys went down to the river to cool off and the last part of this session was just full of magical pregnancy vibes ♥

Pregnant mom holds her hands on her back with her eyes closed and dust particles flying around during her maternity session in Yamhill, OregonSeries of 3 photos of a pregnant mom in a white dress holding her bump in different positions during her maternity session in Yamhill, OregonClose up on a slightly out-of-focus pregnancy bump in a white dress with both hands holding during a maternity session in Yamhill, Oregontop left pregnant mom touches her bump on the top, top right zoom in on mom's eyelashes, bottom left zoom in on the pregnant bump and hands, bottom right pregnant mom looks down and holds down her bump in Yamhill, OregonPregnant mom stands on top of a small grassy hill looking towards the left during her maternity session in Yamhill, Oregon

Portland, Oregon Maternity Photographer

I am back from my own recent maternity leave and itching to get back to meeting and connecting with families who are in the pregnancy season of life.
The best time to reach out for maternity shoots is as soon as you know you are pregnant or when you announce it to the world (I can do those photos too!),
I recommend booking between 28-34 weeks to ensure a spot is saved for you and your ever growing belly.
Reach out today and cross maternity photos off of your pre-baby checklist if you’ve decided I’m the photographer for you.

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