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Why do you need a sleep coach?

When my second child was born, I felt more confident about my abilities to do it again; after all, I
had kept another little human alive for 3 years already, so I must have done some things right!
What I was not prepared for was the challenge our daughter had with sleep! She woke up
every 45 min, every night, for months. We kept an air mattress on the floor next to her crib so
we had less far to walk. I read books, tried multiple techniques for weeks only to make little or
no progress. We repeated this cycle for months, with a growing sense of failure on my part for
not being able to “fix” the problem. My husband and I were exhausted and running on fumes,
and my daughter was tired too!

Eventually, I picked one more book, and I managed to do some things right that time. Our
daughter’s sleep started to improve, and holy smokes – we were getting 4 hours of consecutive
hours of sleep! It’s crazy to think someone could get so excited about 4 hours of consecutive
sleep unless you’ve been there, and trust me, I’ve been there! We continued with our
techniques and soon we were up to six, seven hours of sleep – game changer!

Looking back, I can see all the things I did “incorrectly”. Even after I found an approach that
eventually worked, our journey to restful nights of sleep could have been so much shorter had I
had the guidance and support of an experienced sleep coach!

After that experience, I knew I wanted to help other families have an easier, shorter sleep
journey. After completing training and being certified in 2014, I have had the privilege of
working with over 1000+ families, each with their own unique needs.

A knowledgeable sleep coach, like Slumber Time Solutions, will help you achieve results by providing the support you need,
help you stay on track, and most importantly, give you options when things are not working.

Here’s how.

Having a plan

If you work with a sleep coach, you won’t have to spend time having to do the research. There
are so many books on sleep, so many blogs, so many Facebook groups. Sometimes with what
seems to be conflicting information! Figuring out the right approach that works for your family is
both a science and art. Your sleep coach will help find the right approach and pace for you and
child, and customize a plan based on your child’s temperament, your sleep goals and parenting

Avoid Mistakes

Moreover, with a sleep coach on your side you will avoid pitfalls that would prevent you from
making progress. I certainly took many wrong turns along the way that made things more
difficult and confusing for my daughter! Your sleep coach will keep you on the right track!

Support along the way

Changing habits can be hard. Sticking to a plan, staying consistent, being patient – that’s not
easy, especially when you are exhausted to begin with! Helping our kiddos develop their
independent sleep skills can sometimes feel like a roller coaster. Your coach will provide
support, accountability and cheerleading along the way. Having your coach to talk to makes a
huge difference: together we assess how things are going, focus on next the steps, celebrate
the wins, and tweak things if needed.

Tailored approach

Families who contact me often tried something before, but their child did not respond like the
book said they “would”. That is confusing and frustrating, and parents think they did something
wrong. Unlike a book, a sleep coach talks with parents, and together we can customize an
approach and a pace that works specifically for you and your child. We can write our own next
chapters as needed to ensure there is a happy ending!


Parents often tell me that they were able to “stick with the plan” because they knew I would be
checking in with them the next day, and that was the needed extra motivation to stay consistent.
It’s like exercising: if you plan to meet a friend at the gym, you are more likely to make it than if
you’re going by yourself. I will be that person for you!

As a sleep-deprived mom, I needed a sleep coach to support me on this journey, and not having
one resulted in loss of sleep and quality of life for months. Now being a sleep coach myself, I
get to empower families to transform their sleep… and life!

Marie-Eve Gagnon – Portland Sleep Trainer
Slumber Time Solutions



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