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"Every single photo Meg took brings tears to my eyes. My heart is so full! This was the best decision I have made, having her join me during that precious time."
-Jenna B."

breastfeeding nursing nurturing

nursing and nurturing

Nursing, breastfeeding, chest feeding, body feeding, bottles, pumping, g-tube...same thing, just different ways of nurturing our littles! I am here, with my camera, to lean in and listen to the story of your bonding journey.

We will find a secluded spot (unless you want someplace busy), have some parent chat while you do your thang, and then spend a few minutes documenting the snuggles or gymnastics that come after.


Bonding stories start at $275 and up.


Is breast feeding and body feeding and nurturing photography a real thing?

YES. You might not have seen much of it on social media because feeding is only very recently becoming normalized and valued again. So let's blaze the trail and show the rad importance and normality of feeding.

Think about it - we love to document all the important relationships in our lives. Why leave out one of the most important parts of the beginning of our parenting journey?

Should I do it? Why?

If this relationship is important to you - take pictures of it.


Whether your feeding relationship is short, or so very long, the journey will be sweet and beautiful memories for you and your kiddos when this season feels like a lifetime ago.

I’m self conscious – will my boobs be showing?

Only if you want them to be! If you feel like your feeding is more conservative and want to document it that way, we will plan for that. If you like for your chest to fly free and are comfortable showing more skin, then that's the route we'll take.

What is the location for a session like this? Is it private?

These sessions can take place literally anywhere – but most commonly parents choose to have theirs either in the quiet privacy of their home OR a secluded spot from my location list.


Either way – private and comfortable are the 2 most important things on the location list!

What do I wear?

No need for stress about this one! I have an online styling tool that I use with each of my client's and many of the tops and dresses can be used for nursing.

How old should my baby be?

List of ages that I will document - newborn and then baby, and oh hey, toddler....any age is the perfect one.

What if my baby is bottle fed?

FED, That's one of the key words for bonding and nurturing. Whatever your journey looks like, it deserves to be documented.

What if my baby gets distracted and won’t nurse?

I will use the smoke and mirrors that happen at any kind of session. Your baby WILL nurse eventually, we might need to do some snuggle shots first and switch up the order of things, that's ok. Even if they only nurse for a minute or two, it will be gorgeous and there will be photos.

Will other people see these? Do you post them online?

This is 100% up to you. If you feel comfortable sharing - I would love to show other families how incredibly stunning it can be to have this milestone documented. But if you don't want to, my virtual lips are sealed and they will remain private.

How does payment work?

There is a $100 deposit due at booking to save your session date in my calendar, and the package balance is due on the day of your newborn session.

When will I get to see our pictures from a session?

Your carefully edited images from your session will be presented in a private online gallery approximately 3 weeks after your session date. From there you will be able to download, share with family/friends, and purchase prints and a story book.

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