Hello There,

I'm Meg.

What makes up the pieces of me?

I am a queer birth worker,

and outside of photography, I am a
husband snuggling,
sweary (there's no maybe, I will definitely drop an f-bomb or two) and
geeky mom of two kiddos.

Sadie is my rambunctious, spirited, ambitious 5 year old who is challenging me as a motha birth worker to answer all the tough questions, like, "Mommy, how does the baby get into your belly?" (I think I bored her with the clinical explanation, haha!).


Gideon is 1 year old, full of joy, and endlessly curious. He is into every damn thing before you've had a chance to catch up on the last thing he was into. In fact, right now I'm probably chasing him around.

These are a few of my favorite things
(Musicals is one of them, so I hope you sang that along with me!)

Buy Me all the mugs.

I have a whole shelf of my favorites to choose from, and then there's the full kitchen cabinet.

Belly laughter for days.

There is no better medicine to cure my ailments.


Meaning "an ache for faraway places". I miss Ireland and will be back there someday.

nerding out hardcore.

You can usually find me doing nerd stuff like debating the newest MCU happenings or throwing it down against my husband with a board game.


I love documenting all things birth #birthnerd

Let's talk


Telephone (602) 759-0422